Reclaim Your Life After Loss: The Art of Letting Go


Join us for a one day, experiential retreat designed to allow you to explore and release the feelings trapped in your body. Reconnect to the joy in your life.

Join us Sunday, May 7th, for a day of creative activity, expression and community; away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a serene retreat location. Find mutual support from people who are also navigating major changes in life. Take the time for yourself - begin the journey to living life beyond your loss.

  • Release and share in a supportive community
  • Investigate what the mind-body holds and express it freely
  • Rediscover your laughter and joy
  • Banish the nagging feeling of guilt - be happy to be alive
  • Unlock the possibility of living life to its fullest potential

Meet Maryann and Daniela


Maryann Udel, Founder of Sheltering.Tree

I was 24 when my husband was killed in an automobile accident. Overnight, I went from being a young wife to a young widow. From deeply in love to lost in grief. Family and friends were all extremely supportive but, ultimately, I had to figure out how to move myself forward and reclaim my life.

Through years of discovery and exploration, I found it is possible to live, love, laugh and find joy again after loss. And I've made it my mission to help others who are experiencing massive transition know that they're not alone, and to help them reconnect with their life.

If you or a loved one needs help, or you'd like to know more about the programs we offer at Sheltering Tree, please click here to schedule a time to talk.

Daniela Peltekova is a certified 5Rhythms® dance meditation teacher. She studied directly with Gabrielle Roth, the creator of the 5Rhythms practice, and is an accredited 5RTA® member. Daniela is also a certified Focusing body-oriented therapy practitioner and has extensive experience in change management and consulting. With poetic artistry and infinite compassion she facilitates powerful space for fun, funky, healing, wild and transformative exploration of bodies and connections in motion. 

“I met grief, loss and total surrender to the unknown through my own experience with long undiagnosed grave Lyme infection. I lost 7 years of my life to it. It is still a daily process of reconciliation and negotiation, of finding ways to live fully and wholeheartedly with the trajectory my life has taken. I love to share this healing and inspiring exploration with others through dance and community circle.”

Daniela Peltekova, Certified 5Rhythms teacher, Founder of Simasol Consulting

  • Take the time for yourself - explore your journey.
  • Early bird rate $125; $150 after April 30th